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Unsight IITB

Decimating the entire beauty industry in a single stroke, the Maanus on Monday launched a revolutionary new anti-ageing cream guaranteed to keep your skin young for as long as you use it. The secret? Miniature black holes which slow down time in the space around them.

Black Holes are Beautiful

Reportedly, the Maanus got this massive idea while watching the Interstellar scene wherein space travelers near the black hole experienced time dilation. An hour for the travelers is 7 years for someone in outer space; using similar concepts, an outside observer will perceive skin protected by Maanus’s “Stellar Youth Cream” to be just a day old when it hits its 100th birthday. Apparently it is something to do with General Relativity but no one understands that.

“When you apply this cream to your face, time near the infused micro-black-holes slows down. This is because the black holes warp time and space, as aptly…

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