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Kevin O’ Brien hits a six and all hands go up! Ireland beat England and everybody “yays” that the underdogs have won. Why, why do we like to see the underdogs win? What’s so good about it? And in place of England, had it been Team India, the response would have been dramatically opposite. Everyone loves watching the rebellion. But none wants to be the rebel nor does anyone want to be the one rebelled against. I asked myself, what is it about us which makes us such?

There can be two answers: Revenge or Inferiority due to Underestimation of ourselves. Revenge, for the match that India could have possibly won, if luck would have been in overabundance (as it was abundant already) with them or if the English would have shitted even more than they did. If this is the reason, then it is less worrisome part. The part to think about is if the reason was something else, the latter one.

Do we consider ourselves the Underdogs? Of course not in cricket. But in overall field of life; as an individual, as a group or even as a nation. Maybe the feeling is always settled deep down that we are the Underdogs. And whenever we strike some gold, we like to put up the mine in showcase rather than exploiting it. Abhinav Bindra won a Gold and we rejoiced. Because we were the Underdogs and we have shown “them” that we are second to none. But when it comes about the total number of medals, “We got a Gold this time baba. What else do you want?” I don’t want to be overambitious in my views, but when more than 15% of the world’s population resides in this beautiful land, why don’t we have even 1% of the medals. Where China is always second in the tally, why do we struggle to appear in even top 50? Under-doggedness has resided inside us, and its roots seem very deep. And by saying us, I include myself.

The reason for such a mentality may lie anywhere right from slavery to the British rule, to the over-secure nature of our people. Being slaves to a foreign rule for such a long period probably has made us believe they we, in fact, are inferior. And a Legislative Assembly bomb blast was something to be proud about. While the Gandhian philosophy considered ourselves equal to the Rule in force and faced it directly. Just a point, not that I want to raise the Gandhi-Bhagatsingh clash again.

The over secure nature: “Arey jab maths aata hai to gaana kyun gayega? You must be an engineer. Go to some IIT, NIT or something.” Rather than looking what the kid or person is more capable of, the security of his/her future is looked upon. Again the low confidence, which reflects the Under-doggedness belief. Fame, nation’s overall excellence, and in some cases, money are in inverse proportion with security. We overcrowd the Forbes Richest list but the search for an Indian face in the Oscars, Olympic medallion, etc. still continues.

We have to fight against this feeling. We have to obliterate it. A rebel must wake up inside. And a rebellion must rise: Against you, By you. Do what you love, love what you do.