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Like an Angel, she came by, setting my heart ablaze

A smile so heavenly & just a gaze

And I ran around in a blinding maze

Is this the end of my lonely days?


Consumed by her aura, smiling all day long

I was in confusion, I was in cognition

Heart pounded, but with a rhythmic song

Petals became companion, for her love was assumption.


Mustered courage to know her choice

And did that with a gentle poise

Waiting for an answer, shaking to the root

She answered “Yes!” and my heart did shoot.


We sang together and we did dance

Cared for the other and there was romance

We made love and we drank wine

Everything around seemed just fine.


But she came like a lightning and went like one

Catastrophic is love, is what I should learn?

Angels don’t dwell on earth, wish I could see

But Love is blind, they tell me.


Thirsty for love, I was alone

The dark sky of loneliness was harsh on me

To the evil desire of lust, I was prone

Thinking, loved truly by someone, when will I be?

*Cyclic: This poem, if read again starting from last stanza still makes sense